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Development and Modern Industrial Policy in Practice provides an up-to-date analysis of industrial policy. Modern industrial policy refers to the set of actions and strategies used to favor the more dynamic sectors of the economy. A key aspect of modern industrial policy is embedding private initiative in a framework of public action to encourage diversification, upgrading, and technological dynamism to achieve development in the twenty-first century.

The Aggregate Production Function And The Measurement Of Technical Change: ‘Not Even Wrong’. 2013. Edward Elgar.

This authoritative and stimulating book represents a fundamental critique of the aggregate production function, a concept widely used in macroeconomics. The authors explain why, despite the serious aggregation problems that surround it, aggregate production functions often give plausible statistical results.

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This book argues that structural change (reallocation of resources across sectors and higher diversification and sophistication of production and exports) is the key to sustained and fast growth in developing Asia.

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